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My Decision To Leave Facebook By Bryan Balli

I hope this message finds you well, safe, and in good health. I am writing this note as a way to express my feelings on where I stand in regards to aspects of my ethical-moral obligations as an artist, label head, and artist in this society. This will also serve as a eulogy to my participation in the current climate of activity in social channels.

Having spent the last 8 years designing and developing an assortment of digital products for a leading media agency, posting audio/video/events and promoting the arts, in general, on FB has delayed my own investment into building a robust private platform/web application for my personal page as well as my artist pages: BAI-EE, SECRET STUDIO, and HOUSEPIT CHI.

More importantly, the music I make is black-owned and I feel that this platform I promote it on is enabling the
perpetuation of black suppression. By allowing despicable disinformation to be spread unequivocally without reprimand from the POTUS’ page, including but not limited to the foreign bot infiltration and their general abuse of campaign management. This social experiment that is FB has only infinitely assisted to—ARTIFICIALLY—divide this country, mainly—through
their organizational policies—to the benefit of racists, supporters of Trump, and foreign agencies. I refuse any longer to allow FB to profit off my data, statistically, or usage of my pages for anything BUT those leaving the platform.

It is my assertion that FB enables independent artists to be lazy when going about promoting creative output via artist pages, live videos, campaign manager uploading to the feed, etc.—as its a 1-stop shop—however, it is highly ineffective for the majority of these same artists and curators. An artist page doesn’t replace a personal landing page, to which you
own all hosted content, and can display it as you wish. FB limits our creativity as artists to develop unique immersive experiences for our fans while profiting from our content and data.

I’ve remained on FB to date because I THOUGHT it was a mandatory utility as a DJ, Producer, Label Owner, and
FRIEND. However, I have come to the unanimous decision that it is not. And THAT it is that same mirage that is
personally limiting my growth as a creative. It has only added to my depression over the years—with its psychological damage to my consciousness—caused by an algorithm that manages content exposure, likes, comments, etc. As an inherently anti-social person, to begin with, the advent of social media hasn’t been a source of strength to me and because of this aspect, it does more mental harm than good for someone like me.

With all of that said, If you find yourself feeling this same way, and you’d like to join me in leaving this platform please get your self situated to do so—back up your profile with the easy backup feature that they provide (linked below)—by spreading the word to other like-minded creatives and humans, and I look forward to seeing you on the other side.

For anyone not ready to make this move, I respect your decision to stay, however, I urge you to fight the powers that currently be by leveraging the platform for the greater good, and not letting it take advantage of you. There are many other ways to promote yourself and your work, including staying social and staying informed. I personally urge you to find them and leave this platform.

Below, you will find a way to sign up for my email list, in which to stay up on all of my creative output as BAI-EE, SECRET STUDIO, and HOUSEPIT CHI. These pages and groups will all be removed from Facebook on June 20th, a day of the FB exodus for me.

With All Of My Love,


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